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If you want extensive info about Chuan Fa Kempo training, martial theory and history, go here. If you want to buy REALLY inexpensive training materials, keep reading!

SALE! Cheapest Instructional Training Media on Net:

DVD, VCD, PAL/VHS tapes, and Manuals


Visual Media in three varieties: VCD, DVD, Video Tapes. Each form or training has option of being purchased in any of the three media types. Prices noted after each subject description.

You may now pay by clikking the PayPal button, by credit card (through PayPal), by logging onto PayPal.com, or by sending money order. See details for ordering under ORDER INFORMATION (see below, way below, after the descriptions of the disks, videos and manuals).

All external arts are demonstrated 10 to 16 times at normal, slow, and freeze-frame modes, complete with close-ups and from several angles. The body hardening/ki or chi development/internal arts tapes also offer multiple viewings from several angles.

The primary emphasis of each film or disk is noted in a description below its title, including 1) level of difficulty, and 2) conditioning intent. If you’ve had little training (less than two or three years), we recommend that you first progress through the "Foundation Series." Maximum conditioning and excellent training effect will occur if you combine the "Foundation" materials with the designated "partner" empty-hand forms (noted in the tape descriptions).

Tapes and disks range in length from 44 minutes to one hour, 50 minutes. The following 35+ instructional videos were filmed outdoors in their entirety, taking advantage of the inspiring scenery and background of the mountains and lakes of northeastern California, at the confluence of the Sierra and Cascade ranges.

Foundation Series

(All "Foundation" Video tapes are $20- each, each DVD is $15, and a VCD disk is $10-, plus shipping—unless bought with "partner" fist forms). Partner set purchases offer incredible savings! NOTE THAT PAYMENTS MAY NOW BE MADE THROUGH PAYPAL OR BY USING POSTAL SNAIL-MAIL. Credit/debit cards, and money orders are accepted, BUT NO CHECKS.

Self-Defense Maneuvers

Beginner's Empty-Hand Forms

(All these Video tapes are $20- each, get them on DVD for $15- each, or as VCD for $10- each.

Save even more with the special “Partner” prices, as noted above and below.)


Intermediate Empty-Hand Forms

(All these Video tapes are $20- each, get them on DVD for $15- each, or as VCD for $10- each.)

Advanced Empty-Hand Forms

All these Video tapes are $20- each, DVD's are $15-, and VCD's are $10- each.

Weapons Forms

Internal Arts

E-Book Training Manuals

No hard copies of manuals are sold, only e-books (choose between a Word email attachment, or I can send you a URL to download the book).

Order Information


All prices are stated in US$, and the products will be sold in exchange for US currency only.

If ordering tapes, remember to state VHS or PAL

USING MONEY ORDER: Make money order out to: PETER PREVOST, and send to: 21531 Sonoma Street, Burney, CA 96013 USA. Make sure you include Shipping/Handling costs (see way below for this info).



or you must follow these steps:

1. Send me an email (eorem@yahoo.com)with the following info: name of item you want, and the price according to what you prefer--DVD, VCD, or VHS tape. Make sure you include Shipping/Handling costs. Total it all up. Don´t forget your name and address.

2. I will send you an email back, confirming your order, telling you what you owe, and how to pay.


IF YOU WANT TO USE YOUR CREDIT CARD, that can be done through PayPal.com, which offers the option of joining their service or you can just clik on one of the card logos on the same page.


FORMAT: All manuals may be purchased only as electronic material, e-books. Videos are on VHS or PAL formats. You must indicate whether you are paying for tapes, DVD, or VCD disks. If you do not indicate which media you want, we will make an assumption based on the $$ you send.


SHIPPING/HANDLING COSTS: If you’re ordering from the U.S. or its territories, or from Mexico or Canada, enclose $5- for each two tapes or disks ordered. If you’re ordering from elsewhere, enclose $10- FOR EACH ITEM. Material is posted from the U.S.A. We ship by Priority Airmail in the U.S. and overseas.


SHIPPING TIME: Kempo International makes every effort to ensure prompt service after a domestic order is received (ten days or less). If we’re not able to fill your order within a reasonable time, we’ll let you know what to expect, and give you the option of 1) making another choice, or 2) getting a refund.


REFUNDS: Generally, we do not grant refunds. We feel that the descriptions of the forms provide a good idea of what to expect from the materials. What you read in the descriptions here is what you get. You have to have an exceptional reason to warrant a refund.


SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS are given periodically in Costa Rica. CORRESPONDENCE is welcomed, contact GrandMaster Edward Orem for information: eorem@yahoo.com.