Gecko-Head and George



Gecko-Head and George were close brothers. They lived side-by-side on Steven’s feet. For all practical purposes, it wasa truly tightly-knit family of toes, inseparable in everything they did.


It was also true that Steven’s toes were a little different from everybody else’s. Steven had names for each one of his toes. “Then I can tell them apart, and they don´t feel lonely when they pop out the hole in my sock,” he explained to his Grandfather.


Grandfather laughed when Steven took off his shoes There they were: two toes wiggling through the hole in the sock.


“That´s ‘Gecko-Head’ and that’s his brother George,” Steven explained to his Grandfather.


Grandfather then called in the whole family—Steven´s Grandmother, Mother, Father, and two sisters to see Gecko-Head, George, and all the rest of the toes in action.


HThey all laughed and laughed as Steven leaned back in his favorite living room chair to put on a play using his toes as actors.

"OK, brothers," began Gecko-Head. "Our big friend there who lives at the far end of our legs--you know who I mean--the big talking ball with eyes and thin flaps on the sides. Well, he thinks he can talk toe, so let's surprise him."

Steven then put a cushion in front of his feet, away from everyone's view. Three minutes later, both feet appeared in make-up. Gecko-Head and George were colored green with two pairs of eyes each. They made sounds like a certain animal that jumps and often lives in a pond. But Steven made them talk first in English, then in Spanish. Gecko-Head went _____, and George went _____. Can you find the sounds they made in the lists of words below?

Catboy and Catgirl had whiskers and a tail. She made a sound like _____, and he went ____.

Cowgirl had horns and an udder, and made a low sound like ______. Cowboy also had horns, but no udder, and he made a similar sound but much louder, like this: _______.

Dogboy had a long, pink tongue, and he _______ a lot--in both languages, because he was a Mexican Chihuahua.

The two Hengirls pecked at the ground, and went ______.

And finally one little toe was painted yellow, and flew around Steven's head, making a ________ sound.

Here is the list of English and Spanish sounds that might fit in the blank spaces above. Maybe you can figure them out. If not, then ask the two brothers at the end of your legs. Here are the words for you: croak/croar, purr/maullar/moo/migur, bark/ladrar, woof/?, cluck/cloquear, tweet/trino, roar/rujido.