Nei Jing:

Projecting Jing


1.     Condensed Breath (turning chi into jing)

a.     Stance> Reverse Breath> inhale with each breath entering bones> bones condense inward to marrow.

b.    Move visualization of bone condensation into marrow of spine.

c.      Move visualization down to legs.

d.    After a period, this transforms chi into high frequency vibration powerJing.


2.     Walking Circle Exercises: Generating Jing from chi

a.     Inhale: *Stretch arms, sink elbows

* Condensed Breath to whole body.

*Contract & squeeze muscles around bones inward to bone marrow. This produces electric vibration over time.


b.    Exhale: Relax whole body



3.     Exercise for Converting Vibrations into Energy: BEATING THE DRUMStage 2

a.     Sit: Condensed Breath with Beating the Drum, Stage 1

b.    Inhale slowly, as entire body starts to vibrate, mind on TT

c.      On exhale, use mind to accelerate vibrations down to feet and out hands.

d.    Increase gradually speed of vibrations, long as I like.

e.     Show vibes down, gather energy into TT.

f.       Begin Small Heaven Breath.


v                     With time, vibes will condense into the bones.

v                     As vibe speed increases, draw the energy further from center of body.

v                     With the increase in vibes, the mind converts chi into Jing.



4.     Discharging Power: Shooting the Moon

As chi is condensed inward to center of body, the mind accelerates it and converts it to a form of energy vibration.

Controlling the vibration is the process of projecting internal power or Fah Jing

The mind manipulates vibrations, converts them to energy, releases the accumulated energy in form of explosive power.

When transferring power:

     Inhale and condense chi into all the bones, producing hi-frequency vibe.

     Guide vibe down to feet.

     Shoot the power up`the legs,

     Thru the spine,

     Around the shoulders,

     Through the arms, and

     Out the palms, fingers, hands.


Keep head up, neck relaxed

Keep shoulders relaxed.