Kempo: Shaolin Chuan Fa Kempo Chinese Boxing Assn. Kempo: Shaolin Chuan Fa Kempo Chinese Boxing Assn. Kempo: Shaolin Chuan Fa Kempo Chinese Boxing Assn. Kempo: Shaolin Chuan Fa Kempo Chinese Boxing Assn.


Shaolin Chuan Fa Kempo martial arts training means much more than kicking and punching. It's a royal road of self-cultivation and evolution. Read the following essays on our Kempo pages: THE REBEL'S GUIDE TO CULTIVATING VITALITY: Who says illumination can’t be achieved in one lifetime? THE PLIGHT OF INDUSTRIALIZED MAN: How to counter the lack of challenge and over-kill comfort zone of civilization. MARTIAL TRAINING AS A TIMELESS PORTAL: Thanks to several centuries of enlightened teachings by extraordinary men in the martial disciplines, we don’t have to be restricted to lives of getting and spending, waiting in quiet desperation for the pain to cease. T'AI-CHI FOR THE MASSES--AND OTHERS...: An irreverent look at the popular practice.


Shaolin Chuan Fa Kempo promotes the integrated health (mind-body-spirit integration) of its members through fostering the growth of martial training and the yogic arts of Chinese Boxing. No one school, style, system or culture has a monopoly on truth, therefore Shaolin Chuan Fa Kempo advocates a cross-cultural approach for the seeker of self-development and self-knowledge. The SCFK system includes combat arts, health and fitness training, meditation techniques. These arts include 340 Shaolin Kempo "pure idea" self-defense techniques, several SCFK 5 animal forms, shaolin chuan sets from Honan, Tam Tui, and Choi Li Fut kung fu schools, combat kickboxing, a dozen Chinese weapons sets, two styles of T’ai-chi Ch’uan, Xing-I Ch’uan, Pa-Kua Chang, Chi Kung, Kundalini yoga, and Kum Nye.


~~ Sifu Edward Orem ~~

~~ Sifu Edward Orem ~~

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Shaolin Chuan Fa Kempo Chinese Boxing Assn.


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