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Chuan Fa Kenpo

The purpose of Kenpo International is to promote the health – physical, mental, spiritual – of its members through fostering the growth of Western manifestations of Eastern martial and yogic arts.

Kenpo International advocates a cross-cultural approach for the seeker of self-development and knowledge. No one school, style, system or culture has a monopoly on truth. We examine disciplines from China, Tibet, Burma, India, Thailand, and Japan.

The Chuan Fa Kenpo system is a flowering of these ancient traditions of martial and yogic psychophysical training. Chuan Fa Kenpo includes combat arts, health and fitness training, meditation disciplines.

Kenpo International was founded in 1990 by Edward Orem. Sifu Orem is the KI Director, as well as Chief Instructor of Chuan Fa Kenpo. CFK is affiliated with the International Chinese Boxing Association. Sifu Orem has trained in martial arts since 1964, and holds an 10th Duan ranking in Chuan Fa Kenpo, and a 6th Black Sash in Chinese Boxing.

The combatives components include thousands of defense maneuvers stemming from the "pure idea realm" of the 340 self-defense techniques described in The Masters Manual: Chuan Fa Kenpo Close Combat (available in kindle, epub and PDF on and, 60 empty-hand forms (with roots in both Northern and Southern Shaolin traditions), 20 weapons forms (staff, saber, double sabers, dagger, double daggers, baton, double batons, rapier, tri-sectional staff, butterfly swords, and spear). The health and meditation parts of the system include Bodhidharma's teachings (see Esoteric Martial Arts of Zen: Training Methods from the Patriarch, available in kindle, epub and PDF on and T’ai-chi Ch’uan, Shing-I Ch’uan, Buddhist and Taoist Chi-Kung.

Training Videos & Manuals

Kenpo International offers the following instructional materials for sale to the general public. Membership is not required for access to these DVD video presentations and manuals. Before ordering, read instructions under Order Information.


These manuals may be purchased as paperbacks, mobi kindle format, epub files, PDF through and

Video DVDs

All external arts are demonstrated 10 to 16 times at normal, slow, and freeze-frame modes, complete with close-ups and from several angles. The body hardening/ki or chi development/internal arts tapes also offer multiple viewings from several angles.

Each DVD's primary emphasis is noted in a description below its title, including 1) level of difficulty, and 2) conditioning intent. If you’ve had little training (less than two or three years), we recommend that you first progress through the "Foundation Series." Maximum conditioning and excellent training effect will occur if you combine the "Foundation" materials with the designated "partner" empty-hand forms (noted in the DVD descriptions).

DVDs range in length from 44 minutes to one hour, 50 minutes. The following 40+ instructional videos were filmed outdoors in their entirety, taking advantage of the inspiring scenery and background of the mountains and lakes of northeastern California, at the confluence of the Sierra and Cascade ranges.

Foundation Series

(All "Foundation" DVDs are $30- each, plus shipping—unless bought with "partner" fist forms)

Self-Defense Maneuvers

Beginner's Empty-Hand Forms

(All these DVDs are $30- each, unless purchased with "partner" tapes, as noted above and below.)

Intermediate Empty-Hand Forms

(All these DVDs are $30- each)

Advanced Empty-Hand Forms

(All these DVDs are $30- each)

Weapons Forms

Internal Arts