Feed-Back & Comments from Kempo Customers

Sensei J. Jennings, President of Panther Productions, San Clemente, CA: "Ive received hundreds of tapes from all around the world, and I can say that your performance is excellent. Id like to sign you to do a series of instructional films for us."

Sensei Roberto Dansie, Full Contact Champion of Mexico and Director of Pit River Health Services, Burney, CA: "In the field of human services we often need people with a holistic approach to well-being. I found such a person in Dr. Edward Orem. His technical skills, as well as his encyclopedic knowledge regarding Eastern philosophy allowed him to establish a bridge between universal cultural principles and the traditional heritage of the Pit River Indians of Northern California. Dr. Orem is one of those rare individuals who, in a non-threatening way, reminds us of the basic principles of nature. His touch and wisdom can certainly benefit any Human Service organization."

Sifu James Lacy, Grandmaster Bok Fu Pai White Tiger, San Diego, CA: " Ed Orem is a noted instructor who produces crystal clear and effecive martial arts home study instructional materials. His martial system deserves notice. The Orem family is known and respected all over the country. "

Sensei R.B., 3rd Dan, Shaolin Kempo, Golden Tiger Dojo, Sagamore, MA: "I believe your PATH OF THE WARRIOR MONK is well-written and easy to comprehend. In fact, I am using its techniques for my own self-development as well as in my dojo. Your tape KEMPO 5 ANIMALS, while very challenging, is very thorough in its presentation. Its outdoors background is the perfect setting to become the animals, and to experience a sense of grounding in nature. In truth, the path to total Karate should be diverse and comprehensive. Zen Kempo seems to be all-embracing and to represent what Im seeking in concept, content, form, and opportunity for personal self-expression."

Sensei John Bear, 7th Dan, Kenpo Karate, Monroe, LA: "After reading the material I felt a rush of sheer exhilaration. Finally, here is an organization whose values were expressed in something other than $$. Ive gone over the four tapes I ordered, and I was impressed. The quality is excellent and they are easy to follow. The scenery is beyond words. My wife likes to watch the tapes for the view alone. Keep up the good work."

Sensei T.C., 3rd Dan, Chinese Kenpo, USMC Close Combat Instructor, Quantico, VA: "PATH OF THE WARRIOR MONK is excellent. I found the techniques very effective and easy to learn."

Sensei G.F., Head Instructor, American Tenshi Goju Academy, Prescott, AZ: "A masterful job, an excellent production."

Sensei S.W., Chief Instructor, Yamabushikai Dojo, Manhattan, KS: "Techniques are quite good, with good concepts."

Sifu M.M., Chief Instructor Lu Liu Kenpo/USA Chuan Fa Society:Long Island,NY. "I am totally delighted with all four of the manuals I received. Theyre informative and designed to be understood and performed. Im also truly amazed and pleased at your candidness. Youve answered a lot of questions Ive asked for years. I believe you are a pioneer. I have been a Kenpo stylist since 1976, but I would now like to be part of your organization."

Mr. T.B., Crossville, TN: "Once again I was pleased with the context of the last Tai-chi Chuan video I ordered. I also thoroughly enjoyed your KEMPO 5 ANIMALS tape. You cant beat using Nature as a backdrop. These tapes are my first attempt to further my learning through this medium. You do an excellent job with your presentations."