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by Edward Orem, PhD

9th Toan, Shaolin Ch'uan Fa Kempo

8th Dan, Zen Kempo-Jitsu

6th Toan, Chinese Boxing

Certified Instructor, Kuang Ping T'ai-chi Ch'uan


This is a workbook, a training manual for those of you tired of being victims when it becomes "Show Time!" on the street. These 340 maneuvers have been tested on countless battlefields by professional warriors for hundreds of years. The objectives of these techniques is to win--quickly and efficiently.

These techniques present combinations of throws, locks, breaks, holds, chops, kicks, punches and other strikes arranged in 11 levels of belt ranks, as presently used in the Zen Tao Kempo system. The first four levels (White, Blue, 1st Green, 2nd Green) concentrate on dealing with how to get yourself out of holds and locks, and leave the assailant down-and-out in the process. Although some time is spent on defending against fist and leg attacks, not until the following two levels (1st and 2nd Brown) will you focus entirely on such problems.

The seventh and eighth belt levels (3rd Brown and First Degree Black) then concentrate almost exclusively on resolving multiple opponent and weapon attacks. And finally, the defense curriculum of the last three belts (2nd through 4th Black) requires you to elicit longer and more complex responses, drawing on the incremented training of the previous levels.

These techniques insist on development of the capacity for fluid adaptation according to circumstance, practitioner, and opponent. The idea here is to place the onus of responsibility directly on the practitioner where it belongs. Adaptability and resourcefulness are sought, not robotic responses.

But we don't know where we are unless we know how we got here, and to that end, this manual devotes several pages to the cross-cultural development of Kempo. This is for the thinking martial artist!

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