The Chan Wu Ge Shou Ch’uan Fa/Zen Kempo Five Animals form of Zen Tao Kempo shares a long and distinguished heritage in the annals of Chinese martial arts. Per the guidelines set forth some 350 years ago by the Shaolin monk Tsu Yuan, this form succeeds in synthesizing the combat attributes of the Tiger, Leopard, Crane, Snake, and Dragon.

This set offers challenges beyond the earlier forms work in a couple important areas: with over 200 maneuvers present, the memory load in this set is formidable; and of prime consideration are the intrinsic nature of each move and the result of the will’s focus. The latter characteristic is what puts this training apart from other forms, which usually focus on outward shapes of movement, and utilize one or two energy modes. Contrary to most kenpo/kempo forms, this set is no monochrome of blinding speed. Each animal outwardly expresses different technique execution, just as each animal inwardly impresses different technique intention. It is the task of the Zen Tao Kempo student to blend a melange of skills and intent into a harmonious fabric.


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